2019 Year-end Review: Highlights, Guest Posts, and More

Year-end Review

The year is drawing to a close. I hope it’s been a good one for you!

Today, I’ll share a quick recap of some highlights here on my blog:

My most popular post this year was:

“How to Talk to Kids About Art”

If you’re planning to visit an art museum with your kids this holiday break, you can read this post for some ideas of how to talk about the art with your children. There’s also a free printable with conversation starters.

How to Talk About Art with Kids



I contributed guest posts to two blogs and was also featured in two interviews:


When Women Inspire: 5 Art Museum Activities for Kids 

museum activities for kids



Mommy Me Now: Guest Post : Children’s book suggestions by Krista Brock


Mommy Me Now: Interview with Krista Brock – an awesome mom and children’s books author 


Blog tour: Q&A with Krista Brock and her illustrate-it-yourself picture book The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie

Head and shoulder shot of author Krista Brock


Also, I published my first interactive children’s book:

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie, an illustrate-it-yourself adventure

Interactive Children's Book

“This is a brilliant interactive story book which will help children dig into their imaginations and show us their version of Calvin and Ollie.” — Starting Small Reads

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie, an illustrate-it-yourself adventure, is available for sale on Amazon.


Published by Krista Brock

As a magazine editor turned freelance writer, mom, and children's book author, I enjoy creating children's books and activities that invite creativity and encourage a love of reading.

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