Interactive Children’s Books

Interactive children’s books offer an immersive experience that makes reading fun for all ages.

The Cupcake Design Book

The Cupcake Design Book is more than a coloring book for kids. It’s a design book full of cupcake drawing prompts. Kids will enjoy designing and coloring a robot cupcake, a rainbow cupcake, and much more.

This fun activity book for kids will be available on Amazon this summer!

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie

Interactive Children's Book

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie

“This is a brilliant interactive story book which will help children dig into their imaginations and show us their version of Calvin and Ollie.” — Starting Small Reads

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is a new kind of interactive picture book that invites children to enjoy the journey of reading with the joy of creating. When they open the book, children will find that there is a blank where the illustrator’s name goes on the title page. It’s waiting for them to write in their own name.

Then as they turn the pages, they’ll find the words of the story and a scene but no characters or details. They’ll get to draw out the characters, actions, and other details themselves in this illustrate-it-yourself adventure.

The story starts when Calvin doesn’t want to go to sleep. He sits in his bed next to his favorite stuffed animal, Ollie the owl. To his surprise, Ollie suddenly asks, “Do you want to play?”

So starts the adventure of these two friends, and so starts the adventure of young readers who are called on to be the illustrator of this picture book.

Not only is this book a fun adventure for the readers/illustrators, but also it is a great practice in visualization. Young readers are called on to visualize the story and draw it out themselves rather than relying on ready-made images.

Kindergartners and your 6-8 year old readers will enjoy illustrating this interactive book and can take pride in illustrating their own story book.

A Note to Parents:

Hello Parents of Young Readers, 

I’d love to have a quick word with you before your child sets off on an adventure with Calvin and Ollie. I’d like to set expectations for this fun journey. 

When this interactive children’s book arrives in your home, think of it as an activity book at first. Just as your child won’t color an entire coloring book in one day, he or she probably won’t illustrate this entire book all at once. 

Think of each page as its own activity. You can talk with your child about what is happening on a particular page, and then let him or her draw it out. For example, you might say, “On this page Calvin and Ollie are playing hide and seek. Calvin is hiding behind a bush. Maybe you can see the top of Calvin’s head above the bush, or maybe you can’t see him at all if he’s a good hider. What do you think?” 

This book is a lesson in visualization, which takes practice, but is essential an essential to reading comprehension. 

The fun part is that when this “activity book” is complete, it becomes a keepsake and a treasured bedtime story you can read together again and again. I hope you and your child enjoy the adventure and treasure your child’s self-illustrated story book! 

~Krista Brock 

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