Extracurricular Activities for Kids: How Much Is Too Much?

We see a lot of warnings about overscheduling children but also a lot of research supporting extracurriculars activities for kids. When it comes to extracurricular activities, how much is too much?

Nonfiction for Kids: Why Kids Need (and Love) Nonfiction Books Too

Nonfiction books for kids are an important part of children’s reading diet. Nonfiction offers several benefits for children, and parents can follow these tips to engage in nonfiction books for kids at home.

Virtual School, Quarantine, and Your Child: Notes from the Teacher

As we wrap up what will surely be one of the most memorable school years for children and parents alike, Gabrielle Brunk, a third grade teacher in Arizona, is here to offer her insights and advice on virtual school, your child, and returning to school next fall.