Books for Boys and Books for Girls: The Harm in Gender-based Book Recommendations

Recommending and giving books based on gender generally plays into gender stereotypes and ends up not only depriving children of potentially wonderful and relatable stories but can also narrow their world view.

Want To Know How to Encourage Empathy in Your Child? Try Reading a Book!

If you want to know how to encourage empathy in your child, look no further than your bookshelf. Books are the perfect tool for building both emotional and intellectual empathy. However, simply reciting the words on the page is not making the most of this valuable empathy tool.

Reading Aloud to Children: 6 Reasons to Keep Reading Aloud to Your Big Kid

Reading aloud to children is a wonderful bonding and learning experience, and in many homes it is commonplace. Many parents can remember re-reading the same book over and over night after night to their eager toddlers. Then we move on to more complicated picture books and early novels, and then our children learn to readContinue reading “Reading Aloud to Children: 6 Reasons to Keep Reading Aloud to Your Big Kid”

Don’t Stop Re-reading: There are Benefits of Reading the Same Book Over and Over

If you’re tired of reading the same book over and over to your eager young child, take heart. There are great benefits of reading the same book over and over.

10 Tips: How to Read to Your Toddler

If you’re wondering how to read to your toddler so your wiggly one will actually listen and engage in the story, here are 10 tips to help develop your toddler’s love of books.