The Benefits of Drawing: How Drawing Can Improve Our Lives

Among adults, drawing is generally viewed as a hobby or an activity restricted to artists alone, but research has uncovered many benefits of drawing for both kids and adults. Several research studies over many years have demonstrated why drawing is important and how it can improve our lives on many levels.

Are They Sponges? Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults?

When we moved to Barcelona, we had a big decision to make about our children’s education. They could go to an English-speaking school where they would speak primarily English and learn some Spanish; or they could go to a school where the primary language is Catalan, and they would have some instruction in Spanish andContinue reading “Are They Sponges? Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults?”

The Summer Slide: Fact, Fiction, and Differentiation

Summer is here, and with it comes countless articles and recommendations for parents regarding the “summer slide.” Just what is summer slide? It is the phenomenon in which children forget some of what they learned during the school year as they relax and play during the summer. Students supposedly lose an entire two months ofContinue reading “The Summer Slide: Fact, Fiction, and Differentiation”