How School Start Times Contribute to Sleep Deprivation

A new California school start time law delays start times for middle and high school students. Medical professionals applaud the new law, but some stand in opposition.

Halloween Worksheets for Kindergarten and Early Readers; Halloween Read and Draw Worksheets

To get in the Halloween spirit, here are three Halloween worksheets for kindergarten and early readers. These read and draw worksheets feature simple sentences for beginning readers.

The Secret Tool for How to Improve Your Child’s Creative Writing Skills

If you want to know how to improve your child’s creative writing skills, try letting them draw a while. There is an often-overlooked connection between drawing and writing.

Read and Draw Activity: Back to School

Read and draw activities are a great way for young readers to practice reading comprehension. As we head toward the first day of school, here’s a fun back to school drawing prompt for elementary school students.