Five Art Projects Based on Children’s Books

Creating art projects based on children’s books is a great way to engage children in both reading and creating. Here are five children’s books that lend themselves to creative art projects.

Best Books for Toddler Boys and Girls Who Are Wiggly During Story Time

  When my children were babies and early toddlers, we’d read piles of board books every morning after breakfast. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Little Owl’s Night, and I Am a Bunny were just a few of the best board books for toddlers. My kiddos would pull book after book off the shelf and hand themContinue reading “Best Books for Toddler Boys and Girls Who Are Wiggly During Story Time”

Children’s Literature Past and Present: What’s Changed?

The world’s largest library, the U.S. Library of Congress recently made a collection of historic children’s books publicly available online. These relics from the past, some of which are 100 years old, would likely not be viewed by children today, but now anyone can view these children’s books for free online. All of the booksContinue reading “Children’s Literature Past and Present: What’s Changed?”