The Benefits of Drawing: How Drawing Can Improve Our Lives

Among adults, drawing is generally viewed as a hobby or an activity restricted to artists alone, but research has uncovered many benefits of drawing for both kids and adults. Several research studies over many years have demonstrated why drawing is important and how it can improve our lives on many levels.

Great Drawing Prompts for Kids

In my last post, I talked about coloring books. Some adults feel that coloring books offer benefits, such as enhancing fine motor skills; but others feel that they inhibit creativity and confidence in children’s own drawing abilities. Whether you keep a few coloring books around the house or not, drawing prompts are a great wayContinue reading “Great Drawing Prompts for Kids”

Are Coloring Books Bad? The Coloring Book Controversy

Coloring Books. They’re practically everywhere, and for the past several years, adults have taken up this childhood pastime as well. So are coloring books bad for children? Do coloring books stifle creativity.