Children’s Literature Past and Present: What’s Changed?

The world’s largest library, the U.S. Library of Congress recently made a collection of historic children’s books publicly available online. These relics from the past, some of which are 100 years old, would likely not be viewed by children today, but now anyone can view these children’s books for free online. All of the booksContinue reading “Children’s Literature Past and Present: What’s Changed?”

Our Lives in Barcelona: Things We’ve Learned So far

  We’ve been living in Barcelona for a few months now, and we’re learning all the important things, like how to say “thank you,” “good morning,” and “doughnut” in Spanish and Catalan, that sandwiches are a breakfast food, and restaurants don’t serve dinner until it’s our bedtime. We’re also learning other important things like howContinue reading “Our Lives in Barcelona: Things We’ve Learned So far”