The Cupcake Design Book: Release Day!

The Cupcake Design Book

Today is the release of The Cupcake Design Book!

I’m very excited to release this activity book for kids that goes beyond a coloring book and invites children to use their own imaginations.

This book was inspired by my daughter who loves drawing desserts—colorful milkshakes, cakes, candies, and cupcakes. We’ve drawn and colored a lot of cupcakes together, adding sprinkles, all kinds of cupcake toppers, and more.

In The Cupcake Design Book, each page has a simple outline of a cupcake and a drawing prompt at the top of the page. Children are invited to imagine they are running their own cupcakery, and are designing cupcakes for their customers—who are throwing all kinds of parties with all kinds of themes.

On one page, they can design a flower cupcake. On another page, they can design a ladybug cupcake. And on another page, they can design a robot cupcake.

Why It’s Not a Coloring Book

Coloring is an age-old activity for children (that has even exploded in popularity among adults in recent years). However, for years, art educators have said that simply coloring in the lines not only does not promote creative thinking but can even stifle it or discourage a child from trying to draw on their own.

At the same time, staring into a blank piece of paper is sometimes a little too much. Any creative can relate to drawing a blank when it comes time to sit down and create. Some days we are ready to take on the blank piece of paper. Some days we aren’t. The hardest part of starting any creative project is the first step. Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us going.

Drawing prompts are a great way to get children engaged in drawing when they’re just not sure what to draw. It gives them that little spark they need to get their imaginations flowing.

I hope children will thoroughly enjoy topping each cupcake with their own imaginations.

At the end of the book, there are also a few “art challenges.” For example, on one page they are asked to design a cupcake any way they like but using only three colors. Then the final three pages of the book are “Freestyle Cupcakes.” I wanted to be sure to leave some completely open-ended templates because I’m sure that once children start drawing out their robot cupcake and rainbow cupcake, they’re going to start coming up with their own ideas as well. So there’s room for that too!

Cupcake Book

Where to Find Your Copy of The Cupcake Design Book

You can now purchase The Cupcake Design Book on Amazon, so place your order and let your little artist enjoy this sweet treat!

While you’re waiting for your Cupcake Design Book to arrive in the mail, below is a free printable birthday cupcake design page.

Your Free Gift!

Lastly, anyone who orders The Cupcake Design Book this week may receive a complimentary gift! Email me, and I’ll send you a cupcake trading card PDF!

Published by Krista Brock

As a magazine editor turned freelance writer, mom, and children's book author, I enjoy creating children's books and activities that invite creativity and encourage a love of reading.

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