Read and Draw Worksheets

First Grade Worksheets
Read and Draw Worksheet Pack

With many of us at home with our kids with various versions of virtual school for the rest of the school year and an unclear vision of what lies ahead for summer, I am trying to put together posts and resources that can help parents and children to navigate these days.

I’ve already put together posts about fun activities to do at home and some online learning resources and virtual tours. I’ve also shared some drawing prompts (that also work well as writing prompts).

Today, I’m sharing a set of three read and draw worksheets for kindergartners or first graders. They can read the sentence and then draw a picture of what they read in the corresponding box. I’ve written a lot about the benefits of read and draw activities in the past, and I also published a full-length illustrate-it-yourself picture book because I truly believe in the synergy between reading, drawing, and also writing. The three are great compliments to each other.

These three printable worksheets are available for you to download and print.

Read and Draw Worksheets

I’ve also created two printable read and draw booklets that are available on Etsy for instant download (for just $1.50).

Read and Draw Activity

Those of you on my email list have received your free gift of Sparky Plays Ball, a free read and draw booklet. Now, I’ve created a summer-themed Sparky story, Sparky Goes to the Beach. Kids can enjoy the simple story and draw out the missing parts of the pictures on each page. Sparky Goes to the Beach is a printable booklet with easy assembly, and it is available here for instant download. It’s great for kindergartners for first graders.

Read, Draw, Write Activity

The second read and draw booklet I have available is a nonfiction book about birds. It features bird facts in an interactive way. Some pages feature a bird fact with no picture, allowing children to illustrate the fact themselves. Other pages have a partial fact written out with a blank but a corresponding picture that will clue children in on what to write in the blank. This booklet is great for elementary school students. When you view the link, you’ll be able to see two interior pages to get a feel for what’s inside.

If you try any of these activities, I would love to hear your feedback! Please email me or send me a note on Instagram to let me know how it goes!

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As a magazine editor turned freelance writer, mom, and children's book author, I enjoy creating children's books and activities that invite creativity and encourage a love of reading.

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